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  • Charisma Kausar

    Charisma Kausar

    NUS Computer Science student | I write about Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, UX Design, Entrepreneurship, and Productivity

  • Steve Lauda

    Steve Lauda

    I believe that someday we can live happily without hurting anyone. All of us contribute to it by designing this world into a better place.

  • Anne Flood

    Anne Flood

    New Writer with love of Africa, travel, Nature conservation & environment, photography, design. Qualified as Nature Field Guide for love; finance for career

  • Kat Zimmerman

    Kat Zimmerman

    Just a girl with a passion for mental health advocacy and transparency. Plus, I like to live all over the world and share how others can too.

  • Chidiebere Chukwu

    Chidiebere Chukwu

    Safety, Health & Environment blogger

  • Amir G.

    Amir G.

    Software engineer and FOSS enthusiast

  • Rafael Bastos

    Rafael Bastos

    Economist, passionate about Statistics, AI and Data Science. linkedin.com/in/rrbastos/

  • Freddie Moala

    Freddie Moala

    Currently studing Software Engineering.

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