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First off, let me say that I am both a writer and a salesperson. Or at least I used to be, in sales that is. I sure don’t miss being mired in the retail world, though. I spent twelve years of my life hustling like crazy, making it up into management at both Pier 1 Imports as well as an art gallery I used to work at when I was in college. And I admit it. …

It was the best decision I ever made.

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Let me just start by saying that I have a reputation for playing on the wild side in my twenties. My husband and I both did, at least before we settled down into married life together.

Flash forward fifteen years, and I find myself looking back on the life I left behind. You know, now that I’ve gained some perspective. Grown up, I guess. It sure has taken awhile.

But then I’ve always been a late bloomer.

Then again I did come from the Dazed and Confused generation. That movie was a big deal in 1993, my senior year of…

And why I consciously choose to be Elsa every day.

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I can feel it beckoning me. The lure of crystal white powder blanketing the yard in pristine white. But alas, a snow day for my kids this week means one thing for this little writer mommy. It’s going to be twice as hard to get my work done with my children climbing the walls after coming in from some good old fashioned winter play outside. Maybe their unbounded energy is their super power.

As for me, I feel more like Elsa, born with some strange unexplained gift, only instead of ice blazing out from my fingertips in a crystallized spray…

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I raise my eyes to the canopy of trees spiraling up above me, the gentle giants of the sky. And I am transported to that lofty place, far above the cares of humanity. I’m a shivering little bird in the deep recesses of winter, nestled safe in my treetop home.

And I know you hear me calling you, trilling your name in the very depths of my being.

And like the trees that you so long for, my love for you is evergreen. …

Because I’d rather be on a roller coaster than on a merry-go-round any day.

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Well here I go again. My life flipped upside down, just when I get it righted back up. All of my careful propping up ready to topple all over again like a game of Jenga.

I feel like I’ve been tumbling around on a tilt-a-swirl at some crazy carnival.

Yet I spent the last several years soaring peacefully over the crowds below, feeling like I’m on a gondola flying high over the chaos below me. …

And the lessons I learned on ditching my well laid plans in search of a higher purpose.

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I admit it. I started last year off in denial about the the whole writing thing being my calling. Apparently I can be stubborn when it comes to taking the plunge into uncharted waters.

Now I know that when I’m scared to do something that really matters to me, I usually get very indecisive about what steps to take next. I am a wishy-washy Libra after all.

And I find myself trying to surmount what feels like an impossible learning curve, like surfing…

As I reflect on my mother’s mortality while shopping at the local Target.

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Grocery cart, check. Shopping list, check. Fancy holiday Starbucks beverage, check. Ah, time to settle in to some shopping and sugar.

And was I ever excited to go Christmas shopping. No wonder, since I had sequestered myself in the house all week so that I could get some cleaning and writing done. So yeah, you could say that I was in the mood alright.

You know the feeling you get when you’re tossing fun things into your cart. It’s that dopamine effect, that rush of happiness that…

I went from burned out mama to a writing machine and I attribute it all to my healthy daily habits, with a good old fashioned dose of downtime.

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Last New Year’s Day I decided to make 2019 all about myself. After more years than I could count of completely disregarding my own personal interests, I decided enough was enough.

Even though I was chained to my two children nearly 24/7, I was going to find a way to practice the art of extreme self-care. It was a do or die situation and I didn’t even consider it an option. …

And how the the movie The Breakfast Club helped me finally accept myself, flaws and all.

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I have a confession to make. I recently realized that I have spent most of my life feeling quite ungrateful for my larger than life family. Not that I don’t love my three older sisters, younger brother, and all of their kids and spouses that have allowed our family to expand over the decades.

We’ve always been a loud family, though. Like The Breakfast Club, each of us had our own unique personality when we were kids. …

Denver, Colorado may have been the cool place to be for the bell bottom crowd, but Seattle was the scene for us gen-xers.

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I admit it. All I really cared about when I was in my senior year of high school was taking off to Seattle with my best friend to join the grunge scene.

What lofty goals we had, but hey, I was a pleasure seeking gen-xer on the search for meaning in the mundane. And I found my pleasure in music and clubs. …

Chelsea Raine

Just a writer in search of the proverbial magic carpet ride, one word at a time

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